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Intimacy & Sex Therapy

“Our sexuality is an open-ended personal project; it is part of who we are, an identity, and no longer merely something we do.”
-Esther Perel

Is sex therapy for you?

Are you hoping to strengthen desire and sexual intimacy within your relationship? Are you looking to enhance your sex life and are seeking meaningful and safe strategies to do so? Would you like help and guidance in establishing or expanding your sexual identity while also creating a deeper meaning of yourself and your body?

Sex therapy is designed to help individuals and partnerships address medical, psychological, personal, and interpersonal factors that may be impacting one’s sexual satisfaction. Having a fulfilling and meaningful sexual life is healthy, natural, and is an integral part of one’s well being.

My Speciality within Sex Therapy:

My passion and focus in my practice is helping individuals explore agency and comfortability in their sexual identities. I specialize in working with individuals and partnerships within the Generation Z (New Silent Generation) and Generation Y (Millennial) groups who are looking to learn more about their sexuality, what it means to be a sexual or non sexual person, and to feel comfortable with their own bodies. I believe sexuality is fluid, and YOU are the expert on what your sexual identity looks like and means to you. I am a non-judgmental believer that all people are wonderful, and I look to celebrate the strengths and beauty in each person. All genders, identities, and relational systems are welcome!

What is a Certified Integrated Intimacy Professional?

A certified Integrated Intimacy Professional (CIIP) is a person who has been trained in a holistic approach to sexuality. A CIIP is a mental health professional with advanced training in couples therapy, sex therapy and spiritual intimacy. For more information, please visit

What is a Certified Sex Therapist?

When it comes to sex and intimacy, finding the right therapist can be a delicate process. Clients seeking to address sensitive topics may look for a therapist who they can feel comfortable with addressing all topics of their lives, including sex and sexuality. A certified sex therapist is specifically trained to deal with all areas concerning sexuality. We have spent years beyond a typical therapist’s training so clients can receive the utmost care and expertise.

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